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Chapter Critical Terrain Readings, pages 173-180

WGST 1F90 Chapter Notes - Chapter Critical Terrain Readings, pages 173-180: Nail Polish, Nonconformist, Femininity

Women's and Gender Studies
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Jenny Janke
Critical Terrain Readings, pages 173-180

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Critical Terrain
Pages 173-180
Week Seven Reading
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Chapter 17
No Way My Boys Are Going to Be Like That!”
Parents’ Responses to Childrens Gender Nonconformity
Emily W. Kane
Page 173
Parents begin gendering often before birth or while awaiting adoption.
Many parents make efforts to expand normative conceptions of gender.
More conscious attention with sons.
Heterosexual fathers play a particularly central role in accomplishing their sons’ mascu-
linity and, in the process, reinforce their own as well.”
Page 174
Responses to Gender Nonconformity
Pattern evident in responses towards sons.
Parents of young girls resist gender stereotypes for their daughters but that time to re-
ally worry is early adolescence.”
Girls are given more gender leeway than boys in early years.
The leeway begins to tighten as girls approach adolescence and move into the Hetero-
sexualized gender system of teens and adults.
Domestic Skill, Nurturance, and Empathy
Parents accepted and often even celebrated their sons’ acquisition of domestic abilities
and an orientation toward nurturance and empathy.
Page 175
Parents are increasingly coding kitchens and dolls as neutral rather than exclusively femi-
nine (Wood, Desmarais and Gugula 2002).
o Caution or lack of enthusiasm more evident among fathers.
Icons of Femininity
Notion of anti-femininity lies at the heart of contemporary and historical constructions
of manhood.””
Evident among parents of very young children.
Negative responses to sons:
o Wearing pink or frilly clothing.
o Wearing skirts.
o Wearing dresses.
o Wearing tights.
o Playing dress up in any kind of feminine attire.
o Nail polish.
o (Page 176) Dance, especially ballet.
o Barbie Dolls.
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