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Reading: Reproductive Choice

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Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

Reading Reproductive Choice March1912 216 PM Susan M Shaw and Janet Lee Eds Womens Voices Feminist Vision Toronto McGraw Hill 2004 246259 PrintKey aspect of reproductive rights is the extent to which women can control their reproduction and therefore shape the quality and character of their lives 290another key aspect of reproductive choice is the right to assisted reproductive technologies for infertile couplesDifferent form of sterilization tubal ligation having tubes tied hysterectomy uterus is removed less invasive is tube ligation called Essure blocks fallopian tubesVasectomy is a permanent birth control for men effective and safe and does not limit male sexual pleasureWomen on welfare and of color and women in nonindustrialized countries more likely to be sterilizedMedicaid pays for sterilization it does not pay for some other birth control optionsEugenics certain groups have more right to reproduce than others1970s poor colored native American mentally retarded incarcerated women had undergone forced sterilization 292forced sterilization for women of color in the US was suspicion of birth c
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