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Turbo Chicks talking young feminisms

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Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

Reading Turbo Chicks talking young feminisms March2412 1149 AM Edited by lara karaian lisa bryn rundel and allyson mitchell Toronto sumach press 2001 P 221231 The writings on the wall feminist and lesbian graffiti as cultural production allyson mitchellDIY is the link that connects these subculturesthe Do It Yourself politic that urges people to create their own culture and not rely on the mainstream to do it for them 221 Feminist Graffiti represents lesbian and feminist voices and is an outlet for their selfexpression and individual empowerment and political commentary 222The demonization and intentional invisibility of these social categories means that girls feminists lesbians and youth are not considered when the rules are made about who gets hired for jobs who gets access to housing who gets their taxes subsidized who gets legitimate space carved out in a megacity and who has access to information about the rules laws and ideologies that affect them feminist graffiti speaks against this 222 makes visible the
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