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ANTH 1001

My working title for this paper is “Tracking Technology in Mobile Devices” – examining the case of VikramAjjampur v. Apple Inc. Tracking technology is not just limited to mobile devices, Facebook, Google Maps and Foursquare, just to name a few all have tracking apps/features that can allow users to pinpoint their exact location when they are logged on, however, this paper will be focusing specifically on Apple products. Is the recording and collection of data fromApple devices such as the iPhone and iPad being done intentionally? This paper will be examining the case ofAjjampur v.Apple Inc. to illustrate the ways in which Apple has been breaching the privacy of its users intentionally and what the company has done since this case to remedy the situation. Consumers are not being made aware of this technology being embedded into their device. Many users do not know how much of their day is being tracked by an unknown source. (you have no way of knowing who is accessing your location data and other data).Approx 59 million people use an iphone. Of those, many are operating on an iOS4 operating system. It is difficult to determine how many of those millions of users are aware that they are being tracked. That is the main issue with the tracking technology, people are not being informed properly. “In response to public concern over the collection of location data,Apple released a software update for mobile devices available through iTunes. The update will limit the storage of location data to one week, stop the transfer of location data when the device is synched and erase all location data from a device if a user turns off “Location Services”. In this case, the plaintiffs claimed thatApple iPhones operating on iOS4 software and 3G iPads were secretly recording all its owners movements and that the datawould be transferred onto whatever device you would synch your phone o
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