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BUSI 1800
Richard Clayman

BUSI 1800 Week 9 Chapter 8 – Managing Human Resources and Labour Relations HR Planning - Job analysis: o A detailed study of the specific duties in a particular job and the human qualities required to effectively and efficiently do that job o Job description: duties, working conditions, materials & equipment o Job specification: skills, abilities, other credentials Forecasting - Determining the firms’ demand for employees and the likely supply of employees based on: o Past trends and historical ratios o Organizational plans o General economic trends - Internal supply: number and type of current employees - External supply: number and type available for hire Replacement Chart - HR technique that lists important managerial positions: o Who currently occupies it o How long until incumbent leaves o Who among current roster is qualified to take over Employee Information Systems - Computerized systems that contain information about employees, and which can be used to track availability and suitability for upcoming jobs - Skills inventories - Information may include: o Education o Work experience o Skills o Career aspirations HR Recruiting - The process of attracting qualified persons to apply for available jobs o Internal recruiting  Considering present employees as candidates • Build morale and employee retention  External recruiting • Attract people from outside organization External Recruiting Options - Internet job postings (impersonal) - Newspaper (with audience) - Private agencies (clerical and technical) - Exec search firms (top managers) - Job fair (face to face) - Walk-ins - Employee referrals - Internships Selecting HR - Gather information that predicts job success and hire most likely candidate - Application forms o First step in recruiting o Allows employers to gather information relevant to the hiring decision  History  Education  Work experience  Job-related demographic information - Testing o Tests must be  Job related  Predictive  Non discriminatory o Must be administered and scored consistently  Aptitude and ability tests are best  Intelligence or personality useful  Assessment centre (costly; useful for management candidates)  Video assessment - Assessment Centres o Management candidates perform realistic management tasks under the supervision of expert appraisers  Selection tests  Simulated situations  Presentations  Group discussions o Allows appraisers to test traineees’ managerial behaviours under stressful conditions - Video assessment o Use of videos to show potential new hires realistic work situations o Candidates are then asked to respond to various ways of handling the situations represented in the videos - Interviews o Popular but may be biased o Many companies place more emphasis on testing o Interview validity can be improved by  Training interviewers  Writing questions in advance  Giving some questions to all candidates  Asking curveball questions Training and Development - On the job training o Employees gain new skills while performing them at work  Job rotation o Off the job training  Employees learn new skills at a location other than the work site • Vestibule training: employees work in a simulated environment Management Development Programs - Enhance conceptual, analytical and problem-solving skills - In house or outside schools o Networking  Informal interactions among managers o Mentoring  Experienced managers sponsor newer managers Performance Appraisal Compensation and Benefits Basic Compensation - Wages o Paid based on number of
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