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Chapter 3 Individual and Organizational Learning The Knowledge Base • Learning Organization: an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behaviour to reflect new knowledge and insights • CHARACTERISTICS OFANADULT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: 1. Based on a psychological contract of reciprocity: basic building block of human interaction. Getting and giving are critical. 2. It is experience based: motivation for learning comes from problems and opportunities arising from the learner’s own life experience. 3. Emphasizes personal application: main goal of learning is to apply new knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the solution of the individual’s practical problems 4. Is individualized and self-directed 5. It integrates learning and living AModel of the Learning Process • Adults often motivated 2 learn by a problem • Knowledge: condition of knowing something through experience o LEARNING PROCESS: 1. Concrete experience is followed by 2. Observation and reflection, which lead to 3. Formation of abstract concepts and generalizations, which lead to 4. Hypotheses to be tested in further
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