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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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BUSI 2101
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Chapter 8 • Communication occurs within social systems, each communicator has a personal context, a field of experience • Our individual backgrounds and personality makes mutual understanding more challenging  explains why 2 communicators must find a shared field of experience • Personal and shared fields of experience can change over time • Noise: anything that interferes with intended communication o 3 TYPES OF NOISE THAT PREVENT EFFECTIVE LISTENING: 1. Environmental 2. Physiological 3. Emotional • Arc of Distortion: difference between what the sender intended to communicate and what the receiver actually understood Barriers to Communication Poor Relationships • We make deposits and build up a reserve when we are kind and dependable in our interactions with the other person  results in high level of trust Lack of Clarity • Fail to consider how someone will perceive a message can result in unclear messages • Poor communicators assume their meaning is obvious to others Individual Differences in Encoding and Decoding • Encoding & decoding are heavily influenced by personal factors • “receiver oriented”  most effective communicators b/c they gear their messages 2 the receiver Gender • Influences how we encode communication • Women as a group, more concerned with connecting to others & maintaining the relationship with the person they’re speaking to • Women focus on seeking and giving confirmation & support, more likely to aim for consensus (cooperation) • Men more concerned with status & trying 2 achieve or maintain upper hand in a conversation (dominance) Chapter 8 • When arguing, women more likely 2 ask questions and agree with others, less likely 2 challenge views of others and frame their arguments Perception • People may hear what they wish to hear or only hear messages that reinforce their own beliefs • People are likely to interpret messages they hear subjectively rather than objectiv
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