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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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BUSI 2101

Chapter 9 Perception and AttributionPeople differ in way we see the worldPerception process by which we select organize and evaluate the stimuli in our environment to make it meaningful for ourselvesPerception serves as a filter or gatekeeperThree Stages of Perceptual Process1SelectionSelective Attention process of filtering the information our senses receiveInternal and external factors determine what sensory impressions we pay attention toInternal factors affecting perception motives values interests attitudes past experiences and expectationsPeople attend to only the stimuli that interests them or supports what theyre looking forSelective attention explains why 2 people can attend same meeting and have contradictory stories about what occurredExternal factors influencing perception characteristics of the target we perceive Our attention is drawn by motion intensity size novelty and salienceSalience extent to which a given object or event stands out from the others around itthe salient object or event is the figure that dominates what we see the rest is ground or background2OrganizationOrganization of stimuli that has been selected to make it simplerOur thought processes automatically structure stimuli into patterns that make sense to usCommon thought processes ex Patterns of antithesis oppositescauseandeffect relationshipsWe organize stimuli in the same patternsWe organize stimuli into schemasSchemas mental maps of difference concepts events or types of stimuli that contain both the attributes of the concept and the relationship among the attributesSchemas are representations of reality but not reality itself
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