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Chapter 2

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BUSI 2400
Robert Riordan

BUSI 2400 – WEEK 2 TECHNOLOGY ESSENTIALS – CHAPTER 2 Slide Notes The Components of ICT All ICT including computers, mobiles, and PDAs are actually limited to the following capabilities; - Accepting and storing info - Performing math calcs - Applying logic to make decisions - Retrieving displaying and sending info - Consistently repeating the above actions many times ICT Categories Hardware - The electronic mechanical components that you can see and touch Software - Instructions that direct hardware Networks - Technology that allow user to share resources (hardware, software and info) The top two make a platform, a hardware architecture + an OS + a software framework = a computing program. Communications protocols allow different platforms to communicate seamlessly. Components of ICT (SIX) Computer Type Relative Processing Power Purpose Super Computer Largest an fastest Performs processor intensive computations using parallel processing Mainframe Large Carries out many of the organizational processing needs using hi speed processing chips and large amounts of memory Server Frames Medium/ many Allows multiple servers to handle network processing Personal Computer Small to medium Enables users to carry out processing tasks needed to perform their job, usually networked together Tablets/ Smart devices Very small Provides users with protable computing power often using specially designed apps and enable the ability to connect to the internet and email Embedded Processors Extremely small Provides low scale processing and/or ID, embedded in appliances and products Software Types System Software - Software req’d to control the hardware components and to support the execution of the application of software Application software - Complete, self0contained program or set of programs for performing a specific job Middleware - Used to link applications that use dissimilar software or hardware platforms Open-source Software - Software that can be used, modified, improved, and
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