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Chapter 2

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BUSI 2400
Robert Riordan

Chapter Two Components of IT • IT is limited to accepting and storing info, math, etc you can’t trust software to run a company but you can use it to run a company • Hardware: mech components you can see - Processing hardware: directs execution of instructions and the transformation of data using transistors • Software: stuff you use to control it • Network: increases power by allowing users to share resources = Platform Processing hardware: the system of zeros and ones (central processing unit etc) and how fast they are • Computer hierarchy based on processing powers - Super computer - Mainframe - Server farms - PC - Personal digital assistant - Embedded processors: RFID chips and smaller technology Grid computing: set up bunch of personal computers to equal the processing power of a larger system (if it was linked up well) without having to pay to install a mainframe, each of the member processors is called a node (the node can act as one comput
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