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Chapter 1

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BUSI 2400
Robert Riordan

Chapter One Importance of Information System Moore’s Law: Technology doubles every 18 months • How do you stretch out your technology • Having the fastest laptop in class doesn’t make you best student (crappy laptop might hinder you) HOW YOU USE TECHNOLOGY • Silver bullet syndrome: Oh I have the best tech so I won’t have to do much (windows 8) Information System vs Information Technology Data information continuum (data to info to knowledge) • People are necessary to add knowledge and wisdom) • Tacit knowledge: implied knowledge (you can’t store because you don’t know it) you know how to do it for a long time but you can’t explain on paper • Explicit knowledge: stuff you can codify and write it down so other people can know Productivity Zone Venn diagram of people, processs, technology= productivity zone • Process: business process • People: smart, properly trained, need people • Technology: has to be up to date and useful to fullest extent (relevant) Internet and World Wide Web • Internet is the technology (processors and core hardware) • World wide web is the software (operating system) • Internet is the biggest one (Giant network of computers) and not like a LAN • World wide web is a software with a hypertext http stuff Ecommerce: Use of IS tech and computer network to create business value What’s in it for an organization • What is a business, interact with environment TYPES OF IS FOUND WITHIN AN ORGANIZATION • Transaction processing system (TPS) barcode reader at a store, a POS (point of sale is a type of transaction processing system) • Management information systems (MIS) providing timely info to decision makers • Decision support system (DSS) analytical and visualization tools to support and enhance decision making • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates and standardizing processes (how to use database across multiple functions) centralizes storage and management - Info on customer is in same spot (access stuff) • Customer relationship management (CRM) integration of transaction data, service requests, customer contact for better customer service, (amazon’s recommended) ­ Target marketing etc Ethics: copyright, piracy, patents, reverse engineering (someone has a patent on something, so you go back into it and redo it again to not violate the patent), spam and privacy codes (selling email address), security breaches (sony announced their playstation network was hacked but they reported it) Competitive intelligence: corporate espionage (hiring people who worked for your competition, or just plain spying) Hiring processes: equally well trained but depends where you come from (not hiring minorities etc Green IT: making sure your tech comes from the right places Thomas Friedman and the “flatteners” Three Stages of Globalization, Thomas Friedman • Globalization 1.0 (1492 to 1800) how much muscle/ horse/ steam you could deploy • 2.0 (1800 to 2000) multinational companies (falling transpo cost, falling comm costs) • Globalization 3.0 (2000 + ??) convergence of “flatteners” Friedman’
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