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Chapter 3

BUSI 3400 Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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BUSI 3400
Michael Hine

Relational database model: enables logical representation of the data and its relationships (based on logical construct called a relation) Attribute Domain: specific range of values for attributes Keys help: ensure table row is uniquely identifiable, establish relationships among tables and to data integrity. Determination: State in which knowing the value of one attribute makes it possible to determine the value of another The basis for a key: is determination Functional dependence: Value of one or more attributes determines the value of one or more other attributes Determinant: Attribute whose value determines another Dependent: Attribute whose value is determined by the other attribute Full functional dependence: minimum number of attributes is used as the determinant Composite key: Key that is composed of more than one attribute Key attribute: Attribute that is a part of a key Entity integrity: Condition in which each row in the table has its own unique identity (PK is unique and not null) Null: Absence of any data value that could represent an unknown attribute value, known but missing value or a not applicable condition. Referential integrity: Every reference to an entity instance by another entity instance is valid Secondary key: Key used strictly for data retrieval purposes SuperKey: attribute or combo of attributes that uniquely identifies each row in a table Candidate Key: a minimum (irreducible) superkey Primary Key: a candidate key selected to uniquely identify all other attribute values in a row Flags: Special codes used to indicate the absence of some value Closure: Use of relational algebra operators on existing relations produces new relations Composite/Bridge/Associative entity: Helps avoid problems inherent to M:N relationships, includes the primary keys of tables to be linked Relational databas
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