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Chapter 3

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Carleton University
BUSI 4705
Diane Huberman- Arnold

Essentials of Business Ethics – Chapter 3: Hiring Ethical People Efforts to maxime ethical behavior and minimize unethical behavior at work must begin during the hiring process. Organizations should implement a hiring process that results in employees who meet four criteria: experience, intellect, energy and ethics. The five step ethics job screen process 1. Legal ground rules – gather and use info in a way that does not discriminate against job candidates based on their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability. 2. Behavioral information – review behavioral info from resumes, reference checks, background checks and integrity tests. 3. Personality traits – obtain measures for personality traits; conscientiousness, organizational citizenship behavior, social dominance and bullying. 4. Interview questions – about their responses to ethical dilemmas experienced at previous workplaces and how they would respond to ethical dilemmas experienced by current employees. In addition, clarify inconsistencies and ambiguities that arise during the previous two job screening steps. 5. Other tests – alcohol, drug and polygraph test when appropriate. When title VII does not apply: - If a direct relationship exists between a protected class and an inability to perform the job task - If the discrimination relates to the ‘essence’ or ‘central mission’ of the employer’s business, if it is a bona fide occupational qualification Unlawful discrimin
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