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Chapter 4

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Diane Huberman- Arnold

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Essentials of Business Ethic Chapter 4, Codes of Ethics and codes of conduct A code of ethics describes broad ethical aspirations A code of conduct describes acceptable behaviors for specific situations that are likely to arise. Codes are essential, because a manager may be unavailable to discuss an ethical issue that arises among subordinates, unreceptive to discussing ethical issues, or a bad role model. Employees need a reliable source of info to guide them when ethical issues arise. Codes of Ethics and Conduct for particular professions establish legal obligations to behave ethically. These professional codes safeguard members against managerial pressure to behave unethically and are applicable to all organizations. Also Codes of Ethics for conducting business internationally. The Caux Round Table promotes moral capitalism and published a list with seven principles, based on the concepts of common good and human dignity to guide international corporate behavior. Code of Ethics Content It expresses the principles that define an organization´s ideal moral essence. It should be easy to understand and inspirational. It should be affirmative, stating how people should act and create positive expectations. Six universal moral values: 1. Trustworthiness 2. Respect 3. Responsibility 4. Fairness 5. Caring 6. Citizenship To create a code of ethics it would be good to have employees participate. Code of conduct content It expands on the moral principles embodied in a code of ethics. Creating a code of conduct requires input from top level executives, corporate lawyers and hr personnel.
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