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Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

1Carruthers P 1989 Brute experience The Journal of Philosophy 86 5 Start off by saying that we are conscious aware when we drive where we are going whose next to us when we do the dished According to him unconscious experience feels like nothing since things are that are seeing are not analyzed it feels like youre seeing nothing if I was to ask you what you saw you would of said nothing He goes against Nagel by stating that animals are not conscious if consciousness is like to see a light thus unconsciousness is the dark He goes on by stating that animals cannot be compared to blind sighted patients since to begin with they do not have the same structure as themCollin Allens argues that animals do since they are aware of their defict For him being able to see a dagger on the table is to be able to perceiveexperiencebeing aware of
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