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Computer Science
COMP 2404
Christine Laurendeau

Carleton University School of Computer ScienceCOMP 2404Introduction to Software EngineeringFall 2014Scribes Note These are only TEXTBOOK notes For those taking this class with Dr Laurendeau her tests are things she mentions in the lectures or assignments YMMVAlso as a second year BCS student this rst chapter will be painfully painfully redundantDeitel Harvey M and Paul J Deitel C how to program 8th ed Upper Saddle River NJ Prentice Hall 2012Chapter 1Introduction to Computers and CTopics11Introduction12Computers Hardware and Software13Data Hierarchy14Computer Organization15Machine Languages Assembly Languages and HighLevel Languages16Introduction to Object Technology17Operating Systems18Programming Languages19C and a Typical C Development Environment110TestDriving a C Application111Web 20 Going Social112Software Technologies113Future of C TR1 the New C Standard and the Open Source Boost Libraries114Keeping UptoDate with Information Technologies115WrapUp11IntroductionC is one of todays most popular software development languages This text provides an introduction to programming in the version of C standardized in the United States through the American National Standards Institute ANSI and worldwide through the eorts of the International Organization for Standardization ISO12 Computers Hardware and Softwarecomputers process data under the control of sets of instructions called computer programs programs guide the computer through orderly sets of actions specied by people called computer programmers programs that run on a computer are referred to as software objectoriented programming is todays key programming methodology thats enhancing programmer productivity thereby reducing softwaredevelopment costsa computer consists of various devices referred to as hardware eg the keyboard screen mouse hard disks memory DVDs and processing unitsMoores Lawevery year or two the capacities of computers have approximately doubled without any increase in price often called Moores Law named for the person who identied the trend Gordon Moore cofounder of Intelespecially true in relation to the amount of memory secondary storage such as disk storage and processor speeds13 Data Hierarchy15
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