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Chapter 10


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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2415
Claire Samson

Chapter 10Atmosphere Oceans and Climate Weather and Climate Weather covers short term events Climate refers to longterm conditions The sun heats different places on the earth different amounts The equator gets 24 times as much energy as the poles Because different places getting more energy than others winds and ocean currents bring from energyrich areas to energypoor places Some places of the earth have an energy excess while others have a deficit Those areas with an energy excess are between 32 degrees North and 34 degrees south of the equator Midlatitudes are where energy is transferred Cold air moves toward the equator and hot air towards the cold poles If a place begins to be cold doing so helps it get even colder new snow and ice reflects even more sunlight than before making it even colder The opposite happens in warming cyclesWater and Heat Water can absorb more heat per kilogram than nearly anything else except ammonia Additionally solar radiation penetrates water shines through it and deep bodies of water absorb this energy and carry it away The amount of water vapor in the air is called humidity When relative humidity reaches 100 the air is holding as much water as it can If it cools any more the air contracts and the water must condense out the air cant hold it The temperature where the water will condense is called the dewpoint Changes in the state of water can help to transport energy For example if water freezes it releases a quantity of energy To melt it again will take the equal quantity of energy this time being put into the iceWhen this energy is released upon condensation to liquid water it is the latent heat of condensation
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