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Chapter 2

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Earth Sciences
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ERTH 2415
Claire Samson

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ERTH 2415Chapter TWO ENERGY SOURCES OF DISASTERSDisasters occur wherewhen Earths natural processes concentrate ENERGY o Gets released which kills life and causes destructionFour primary energy sources o Earths Energy o Gravity o Solar Energy o The Impact of Extraterrestrial BodiesEarths interior has a tremendous store of heat o Releases primarily from ongoing decay of RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS o Released as Earthquakes Volcano Eruptions o Internal energy has produced continents oceans and the atmospherethe energy causes these to drift and collide constructing mountain ranges and elevated plateausGravity is an attractional force between different bodies o The greater the mass the greater the gravitational force o The mass of the earth on smaller masses like ice and rock cause avalanches and landslidesSolar Energy that reaches earth evaporates and lifts water into the atmosphere which begins the hydrologic cycleThe pull of gravity brings atmospheric moisture down as snow and rainShortTerm Unequal heating of oceans and atmosphere at the poles vs the equator cause storms strong winds and ocean wavesLongTerm Sun and gravity power EROSION o Glaciers streams underground waters winds ocean waves and currents wear away at continents o The broken piecesdissolved remains are in the seaImpact EnergyAsteroids and Comets impact the Earth o Collisions with large bodies can be infrequent but effects on life may be GLOBAL ORIGIN OF THE SUN AND PLANETSKantProposed that the Solar System formed by growth of the Sun and planets through collisions of matter within a rotating cloud of gas and dust o Began with a rotating spherical could of gas ice dust and other solid debris o Gravity acted on the matter within the cloud attracting particles bringing them closer together o Small particles stuck together which caused them to grow in sizeresults in greater gravitational attraction to nearby particles which equals more collisions o The matter drew inward and size of cloud decreasedthe mass then flattened into a disk o Greatest accumulation of matter was in the centre of the disk Towards todays SUN Two Main Constituents of Sun Hydrogen and Helium Central mass grew larger and temperature increased 1000000 Degrees Celcius Nuclear Fusion process then began NUCLEAR FUSIONSmaller hydrogen atoms fuse to form helium with some mass converted to energy We feel this as SOLAR RADIATION Sunshine
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