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Chapter 15

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Carleton University
Earth Sciences
ERTH 2415
Claire Samson

Chapter 15 The Great Dying 1 Anoxic depleted of oxygen 2 Archea one of the three major branches of life bacteria and eukarya whose species can thrive under high pressures and temperatures3 Benthic living on the sea floor4 Blitzkrieg hypothesis explanation for the disappearance of many species of large mammals in the postglacial period invoking overhunting by humans5 Chondrichthyan the skeleton of fish made from cartilage rather than bone6 Cyanobacterium a group of bluegreen photosynthetic microorganisms7 Evolution the changing of life forms over time8 Extinctions the biggest natural disaster known to have occurred on Earth that dieodd species 9 Gene the fundamental unit in inheritance it carries the characteristics of parents to their offspring10 Genome the common pool of genetic material shared by members of a species 11 Homeotherm warmblooded animal whose internal temperature is independent of the environmental temperature ex humans 12 Niche a site in the environment where organisms or species have the opportunities to evolve into new ways of life13 Paleontologists scientists studying rock and fossils throughout the world14 Population viability level number of individuals below which a population will become extinct within a given number of years15 Predation killing or eating another organism16 Principle of faunal succession fossil organisms succeed one another in a definite and recognizable order17 Reef are structures built by organisms such as corals
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