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GEOG 1020
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GEOG 1020 Ch 9 Dec 1 Geopolitics The state’s power to control space or territory and shape the foreign policy of individual states and international political relations. 1. The territory of the state grows with the expansion of the population having the same culture. 2. Territorial growth follows other aspects of development. 3. A state grows by absorbing smaller units of development. 4. The frontier is the peripheral organ of the state that reflects the strength and growth of the state, hence it is not permanent. 5. States in the course of their growth seek to absorb politically valuable territory. 6. The impetus for the growth comes to a primitive state from a more highly developed civilization. 7. The trend toward territorial growth id contagious and increase in the process of transmission. Boundaries A political, physical or religious blockade, can represent exclusivity and or territory. Boundary Formation At first they tended to follow natural resources such as forests and rivers, this applies mostly for countries and there territorial divisions. Where these natural elements are not found, the borders are naturally designated in a straight line rectangular fashion. Nation A group of people often sharing common elements of culture, such as religion or language or a history or political identity. Nation-state An ideal form consisting of a homogenous group of people governed by their own state. How National Identities are forged  Fostering Patriotism  National Anthem  Flags  National Holidays  Maps  International Sports  Statewide Institutions  Military Service  National Media Nationalism The feeling of belonging to a nation as well as the belief that a nation has a natural right to determine its own affairs Inside Borders  Surveillance  Foster Dominance  Foste
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