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Lecture No. 2 The Gilded Age – The Birth of “Reform Liberalism”.docx

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HIST 2401
Julie Johnson

Lecture No 2 The Gilded AgeThe Birth of Reform LiberalismMonday thJanuary 13 2014Part I The Gilded Age and PopulismThe Gilded Age was a period the runs roughly from the 1880s to the 1890s It refers to things that is shiny on the outside but is not on the inside The key characteristic is the emergence of the dominant form of American economic life is the corporation By 1900 300 corporations controlled 40 of all manufacturing By 1880 for the first time a majority of the labour force worked on nonfarming jobs By 1890 two thirds of Americans labours worked for wages rather than owning their own farm business or craft Between 1870 and 1920 11 million Americans moved from farm to city and 25 million immigrants arrived from overseas most moving to industrial cities for work During that same time the nations population grew from 38 million to 106 million The system of corporation life is a new power for which our language contains no nameWe have no words to express government by monied corporations Charles Francis Adams Jr 1869 There is a striking contrast of the rich and poor mainly seen in New Port Rode Island Child labour was a central part of the economy at the timeIndustrialization in America created an argument about American identity America had a ton raw material growing labour supply immigrants and people forced off the land domestic security and burgeoning markets national because of railroads There was a flow of technological ideas for communications telephone typewriter adding machine and production the Bessemer process for mass producing steelThere was a change
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