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LAWS 2301
Ronald Saunders

Criminal Justice SystemPage 252278VictimsThe Canadian criminal justice system has come some way in its recognition of the problems experienced by victims of crime and in its willingness to recognize that it bears some of the responsibility for responding to problems in an effective and humane mannerThe socalled costs of criminal injuries and the subsequent requirements of victims of crime involve a broad range of physical financial and emotional injuriesThere is a general agreement they can be summarized into three general types of concernAccess to the information and programmes necessary to prevent crime or at last reduce the vulnerability of criminal injury Recovery of the physical financial and emotional wellbeing which was experienced by the victim before the criminal actTreatment by the criminal justice system which is just and humane and which is responsive to the desire of victims to be fully informed and protected during their experience within the systemVictims are better treated than before though perhaps not universally or uniformly depending on the type of victim you are and the type of crime you have been subject to It is often assumed that the movement on behalf of victims has such a sound and legitimate moral base that progress is simply a question of raising peoples
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