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LAWS 2301- Lecture 5: Role and Influences of Legal Perspectives

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Carleton University
LAWS 2501
Zoran Oklopcic

1LAWS 2301 ATCriminal Justice SystemRon SaundersthOctober 7 2013Lecture 5 Role and Influences of Legal Perspectives Note Read Chapter 2 the topics covered will be useful for your essayTodayRole and Influences of perspectivesCriticismsdebatesstrategies re perspectivesFeminine PerspectivesMidterm notesMidterm essay question Important InformationThere are lots of Questions on chapter 2 within the midterm make sure youre caught upMidterm is all information up to the end of this lecture The final is not cumulative ConsensusLegalistic Perspective Might see other terms such as functionalist liberalist conservative conflict radical instrumental there is a broad umbrella and paradigm of terms Their beliefs about the system are very broadWithin Chapter 2 this perspective will be discussed in a very traditional manner People come together because they believe in the same topics The role of law is tainted by the ideas that we bring with it They gradually accept rules which become lawssociety becomes more developed
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