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Chapter 7

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LAWS 2502
Nikola Milanovic

Law State and CitizenChapter 7Basic Values and Their ProtectionABasic Values and Their ProtectionDefinitionBasic values are values that societies consider to be especially importantOften these individual and general values are supplemented by the special values of specific groupsForms of State SupportOne of the most important phenomena of our time is the tendency to protect basic values by recognizing them as legal rights Some basic values are not just desirable benefits but moral rights to which individuals or groups should be entitledRecognizing basic legal rights is not the only possible means of supporting basic valuesThe state can support these values through conventions of selfrestraintThe state can intervene positively through its legislative and executive branches to protect or promote general values such as law and order and economic equalityCharacteristicsAlthough recognizing basic values as legal rights changes their status it may not transform their underlying characterBasic values are subjective often controversial relative rather than absolute and can conflict with
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