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Chapter 1

LAWS 1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: School

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LAWS 1000
Ozsu Faik

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Intro to Legal Studies – Chapter 1 (Social context: Law in Social Life)
The functions of law:
- Law is important in all societies
- Defines relationships among members of society
- Assert what activities are permitted
- Allocation of authority and determines who may exercise physical coercion as a right
- Disposition of trouble cases as they arise
- To redefine things when conditions of life change (evolution of law)
- “The ordering of the fundaments of living together”
Custom and Law:
- Custom and law both have regularity
- Both define relationships
- Both are sanctioned
- Law is distinguished from customs because law permits physical coercion to be brought
upon an individual for certain reasons
Lynch Law: A group, the public, mob, society etc. committing the punishments (primitively
seen in sorcery/cannibalism)
Power = a leader must have followers to have power (ex: school yard bullies)
The Cheyenne way:
Pages 7-8
Conflicts as property:
- “conflict way kill, but too little conflict may paralyze”
- criminology has amplified a process where conflict is taken away from the involved
- ex: judges talk for people, its barely their conflict anymore
- The conflicts basically become someone else’s property
- Victims/predators etc. all people involved in the conflict barely participate, they are
Professional thieves:
- Lawyers pick and choose what arguments to use for/against you in court and may
disregard your main argument
- Conflicts become the property of law
- Make cases and criminals object of study
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