PSCI 3603 Chapter Notes - Chapter 0: Dr. Strangelove

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-General Ripper orders the base to be put on alert
-General/commander orders a first strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union
-wing attack plan R
-Doesn't believe that war should be left to the generals in modern day
-too important to be left to the politicians
-militaries have the training for the security concerns of today
-President, politicians and military authorities gather for a meeting and discuss the chain of command
-Gen Ripper is the commander of his wing but not necessarily authorize to be on the offence
-Comms have been shut down on Gen Ripper's officers' air crafts. Pres and other officials can't reach the
aircrafts to prevent the issuing of attacks.
-Unable to recall the attack because they cannot reach comms without the code but Gen Ripper is the
only one with the code to enable the comms.
-Gen Ripper sealed off base and cut off all comms
-Gen Ripper got in contact with another Gen to tell the situation but cut off comms after that
-Aircrafts are on they’re way to Soviet Union to attack and cannot be returned (memo by Gen Ripper)
-Gen Ripper: We will prevail; you cannot stop us. god bless you all.
-Officials determine Gen Ripper is psychotic
-Other Gen says he didn't know that he screened every senior military member but he didn't know that
Ripper was crazy
-Pres wants immediate contact with Gen Ripper
-Base is heavily defended by troops
-Trying codes to enable the comms
-Dr Strangelove says using weapons for deterrence only works if other nations KNOW about the weapon
and its potential impact
-Russian ambassador says Russia was going to announce that they have nukes but they haven’t
yet. Too late now. It can’t deter the already in-action war.
-Most aircrafts have recognized recall – return to US
-Last aircraft remaining that was shot by a missile misses the memo and continues on to attack a nearby
target – giant explosions
-Dr Strangelove tells pres that they could deal with the aftermath of the attack of nuclear bombs and
live under ground in mineshafts with selected above-average humans for 100 years
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