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Chapter 5

Chapter 5- Variations in Consciousness.doc

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Chapter 5 Variations in Consciousness RedDefinitionBlueImportant PointsGreenImportant PeopleContributions 1Nature of ConsciousnessaConsciousnessthe awareness of Internal and External stimuli iYoure Stream of Consciousness ZigZags in all directionsaVariations in Levels of Awareness iFreuds Arguments1Unconscious Needs Wishes and Conflicts influence Behavior and Feelings2Conscious and Unconscious are Different Levels of Awareness3Consciousness is not an AllOrNone process4When people are asleep or under anesthesia they remain aware of external events to some degreeaEvolutionary Roots of Consciousness iConsciousness evolved because it helped ancient humans survive and reproduceiiConsciousness allows thinking through courses of action and their consequences Then to choose the best course without having to try all the bad onesiiiForethought and Planning are Valuable Conscious adaptationsaConsciousnessBrain Activity iElectroencephalograph EEGMeasures electrical activity in the BrainiiBrain Waves
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