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Chapter 8

Chapter 8- Language & Thought .doc

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Chapter 8 LanguageThoughtRedDefinitionBlueImportant PointsGreenImportant PeopleContributions1CognitionMental Processes Thinking2Language Turning Thoughts into WordsaLanguageConsists of Symbols that Convey Meaning Rules for Combining those Symbols that can generate MessagesbLanguage is Symbolic Generative and Structured3The Structure of LanguageaLanguage has a Hierarchal StructurebPhonemesSmallest Speech Units in a Language that can be Distinguished PerceptuallyiAbout 100 Different PhonemesSounds SoundcMorphemesSmallest Units of Meaning in a Language WordiRoot Words PreFixes and SuffixesdSemanticsConcerned with Understanding the Meaning of Words and Word Combinations MeaningiDefinition and ConnotationImplicationseSyntaxSystem of Rules that Specify How Words can be Arranged into SentencesiSentence must have both Noun Phrase and Verb Phrase4Language Developmenta13 Months OldLearning PhonemesSoundsb48 Months OldLearning MorphemesWordsc8 Months OldLearning SemanticsMeaningsdUsing WordseFast MappingThe Process by which Children Map a Word onto an Underlying Concept After only 1 Week of ExposurefOverExtensionWhen a Child Incorrectly uses a Word to Describe a Wider S
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