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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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PSYC 2400
Craig Bennell

Chapter 2 Police Selection - Valid police selection procedures: that allows police agencies to effectively screen out applicant who possess undesirable characteristics or select applicants who posses desirable characteristics - This can include physical fitness, cognitive abilities, personality, and performance on various job- related tasks A Brief History of Police Selection - Terman test the IQS of 30 police officers & firefighters and averaged that future applicants scores should be 80 th - Also used personality tests in mid 20 centaury - Has become more formilized where police selection procedures have become wider The Police Selection Process - There are two separate stages to this process: - Stage one: referred to as the job analysis stage, must define the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a good police officer - Stage two: referred to as the construction and validation stage, the agency develops an instrument for measuring the extent to which police applicants possess these KSAs, also has to check if the instrument is a valid way to measure to on the job performances - Conducting A Job Analysis - Job analysis: involves the procedure to identify and define the KSAs that make a good police officer - Psychologists usually conduct job analysis - Other time job analysis can happen more informal by asking them what they think are the right qualities for the job - Problems: (1) KSAs of a good police officer may not be stable over time, making it hard to see what procedure they should be testing for, (2) conducting a job analysis, ppl may disagree which KSA are important - Typical essential KSAs: honesty, reliability, sensitivity to others, good communication skills, high motivation, problem solving skills, and being a team player - Conducting & Validating Selection Instruments - There is no way to show if one of the measurements (construction and validation stage) is better than the other, and police can’t agree on good performances - The Validity of Police Selection Instruments (3): -Selection Interview: - Most common way, take form of semi-structured interview, this is where the interviewer has pre selected questions (to compare answers), main goal is to determined the extent to which the applicants possesses
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