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Chapter 2Police PsychologyPolice SelectionPolice work is a complex demanding stressful and potentially dangerous occupationRequires intelligent creative patient ethical caring and hardworking peoplePolice selection procedures a set of procedures used by the police to either screen out undesirable candidates or select in desirable candidatesThese characteristics may relate to a variety of personal features including physical fitness cognitive abilities personality and performance of jobrelated tasksA Brief History of Police SelectionPsychologists have been involved in police selection since the early twentieth centuryThe StandfordBinet IQ test was used in 1917 to declare a minimum IQ score of 80 for future potential applicantsFollowing this 1950s personality tests were used to predict police performanceBy the mid 1950s psychological and psychiatric screening procedures became standard in the selection processIn 1967 in the United States it was recommended that police forces adopt a higher educational requirement implying that intelligence is a core characteristic of police officersSince 1973 police selection has become more formalized with police forces using a wide range of selection proceduresAll Canadian police agencies conduct background checks and require medical examsRCMP uses Police Aptitude Test and the Six Factor Personality Questionnaire which measures conscientiousnessThere are slight differences in testing across provinces and territoriesThe Police Selection ProcessThere are two separate stages to the process of selecting officersStage one is referred to as the job analysis stage The agency must define the knowledge skills and abilities KSAs of a good police officerStage two is referred to as the construction and validation stage The agency must develop an instrument for measuring the extent to which police applicants posses these KSAs The agency must also determine the instruments validity or the extent to which the scores on the instrument actually relate to measures of actual onthejob police performance Conducting a Job AnalysisJob analysis a procedure for identifying the knowledge skills and abilities that make a good police officerAn organizational psychologist working with a police agency frequently conducts the job analysis
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