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Chapter 4

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Carleton University
PSYC 2400
Jenelle Power

Forensic PsychologyChapter 4DeceptionThe Polygraph TechniquePhysiological measures have long been used in attempt to detect deceptionThe origins of modern polygraphy date from 1917 when William Marston a Harvard psychologist also trained as a lawyer developed a systolic blood pressure test and attempted to use this physiological response as evidence for a persons innocencePolygraph a device for recording an individuals autonomic nervous system responsesMeasurement devices are attached to the upper chest and abdomen to measure breathingThe amount of sweat on the skin is measured by attaching electrodes to the fingertipsSweat changes the conductance of the skin which is known as the galvanic skin responseHeart rate is measured by partially inflated blood pressure cuff attached to an armIn a forensic context a polygraph is used to measure a persons physiological responses to questions asked by an examinerApplications of the Polygraph TestPolygraph tests are used for a range of purposes In Canada the police often use them to help in their criminal investigationsThe police may ask a suspect to take a polygraph test as a means to resolve a caseIf the suspect fails the polygraph that person may be pressured to confess giving the police incriminating evidencePolice may ask alleged victims of crimes to take a polygraph test to help verify whether a crime has occurredInsurance companies may request a polygraph test to verify the claims of the insured More recently the polygraph has been used in the United States to assess and monitor sexual offenders on probationPolygraph tests are used to determine whether the offender is violating the condition of probation or are used to test for evidence of risky behaviour such as sexual fantasies about childrenSome police departments require applicants to take a polygraph test and the Canadian Security Service CSIS also requires that its potential employees take a polygraph test to assess the candidates reliability and loyaltyTypes of Polygraph Tests
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