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Chapter 9

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PSYC 2400
Jenelle Power

Forensic PsychologyChapter 9Parole in CanadaParole the release of offenders from prison into the community before their sentence term is completeNotably parole involvesThe conditional release of offenders into a community so they can serve the remainder of their sentences outside an institutionAn attempt to rehabilitate offenders so they can become productive contributors to societyA high degree of community supervision to ensure the parolee is abiding by certain rulesA clause that if the conditions of parole are not complied with an offenders parole can be revoked and he or she can be sent back to prisonParole Decision MakingThe process that currently exists is more complex because of the range of information that is considered when making parole decisions and because of the way in which that information is evaluatedUnlike parole decisions made in the past where an elected member of government was responsible for the decision parole decisions are now made by a group of individuals forming Canadas National Parole BoardMembers of the public are allowed to attend and observe parole hearings and to request copies of written parole board decisionsIn Canada an offender must usually serve the first third of their sentence or the first seven years whichever is less before being eligible for full paroleMost parole decisions are made after a formal hearing with the offenderNPB members carefully review the risk that an offender might present to society if he or she is releasedThis involves an initial risk assessment where the following issues should be consideredInformation about the offenders current offenceThe offenders criminal historySocial problems such as drug use and family violenceMental statusPerformance on earlier releasesInformation about the offenders relationships and employment historyPsychological or psychiatric reportsOpinions from other professionalsInformation from victimsThe offenders institutional behaviourChange in behaviour
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