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Chapter 7

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Carleton University
PSYC 2400
Jenelle Power

Forensic PsychChapter 7Juries Fact FindersIn Canada the courts deal with both civil and criminal casesCriminal cases are those in which an act was allegedly committed as found in the Criminal Code of CanadaCivil cases are those that involve a breach of contract or other claims of harm tortsCivil cases can be heard by jury or judge alone as can criminal casesJury trials for civil cases can have fewer jurors than criminal trialsSix or eight member jury trials often occur in civil cases whereas twelve member juries are typical in criminal casesVerdicts do not necessarily have to be unanimous in civil trialsJury Selection in CanadaBefore a jury trial can begin a jury needs to be selected or seatedThe Cases Heard by JuriesOnly some types of offences can proceed with jury trialsIn some instances defendants are given an option of a jury trial but they may opt to be tried by judge aloneThere are three types of offences in CanadaSummary offencesIndictable offencesHybrid offences
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