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Forensic Fitness to stand trial.odt

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PSYC 2400
Kevin Nunes

Forensic Fitness to Stand TrialDefinitions of Fitness an assessment of the current mental condition of the accused In order to be found guilty prosecutors must establish actus Reusa wrongful deed and mens rea criminal intentGoal to determine whether it interferes with your ability to perform legal tasksR v Pritchard to determine whether you currently suffer from a deficitCan you assist in their defenceDo you understand their role in the proceedingsDo you understand the nature of the proceedingsSection 2 of Criminal Code where a person is not fit because theyDont understand the nature of the proceedingsDont understand the consequences of the proceedingsCant communicate with counselBecause of a current mental disorderTo be found unfit you must suffer from a mental disorder of some kind but having a mental disorder does not automatically make you unfit to stand trial ex depression wouldnt make you unfitAssessment InstrumentsAssessment Instruments if fit the trial will continue if unfit a formal assessment will take place this can take between 5 to 30 days and will typically be conducted by a psychiatrist except in Canada where you have to be a medical practitioner but a psychologist can assist Two commo
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