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Chapter 14

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PSYC 2600
Elizabeth Nisbet

Chapter 14 Approaches to the SelfSelfconcept your understanding of yourselfour sense of who we are leads us to evaluate the world in different waysonly events that are important to us will have a strong impact for good or bad Selfesteem how you feel about yourself someone who saves their money will either see themselves as frugal and economic which are good things and will have positive selfesteem someone else could see the same thing as stingy and ungenerous which will lead to low selfesteem Social identity how you present yourself to others if you want to be taken seriously you might show have a very businesslike identity if you want to be a very wellliked person you might strive to appear friendly and agreeableDescriptive Component of the Self SelfConcept in infancy we learn that some things are always there like our bodies and that other things are only there sometimes like our mothers breastswe create boundaries between what is me and what is not me we recognize ourselves in mirrors at about 18 months and at this point we become capable of pretend play because we learn that what we are doing isnt realwe also can use personal pronouns at this point we can recognize ourselves in photos at about 2 years old when we also learn that people have expectations of us like rules the first aspects of which are sex and age and begin to in
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