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Chapter 2

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PSYC 2600
Elizabeth Nisbet

Book notes chapter 2 SelfReport Data SDataInformation provided by a person such as through a survey or interviewIndividuals have access to a wealth of information about themselves that is inaccessible to anyone else Most commonly used in personality researchIt is not expensive and it is effectiveBest source because it is personalYou can get a lot of information from asking peopleIt can be anonymousSelfReport DataSdata personality testsUnstructured itemsopenendedEx Twenty Statements Test20 I am and psychologists must develop a coding scheme for this For example if she has more statements referring to social characteristics this may mean she is more outgoingUseful way to measure how people define themselves and learn whats important in to a persons selfunderstandingResults from these can also show that culture has a strong influence on how we view ourselves and what we consider importantStructured itemsresponse options provided ex scalesIncludes Likert ScaleStructured Personality QuestionnairesGives a series of traitdescriptive adjectives and people indicate if the adjective does or doesnt describe themLimitations of SdataPeople may not respond honestly especially about unconventional thingsPeople may lack accurate selfknowledge ObserverReport Data ODataInformation provided by someone else observer about another personKey features of Odata STRENGTHSProvide access to information not attainable through other sourcesCan see how people with certain traits reactact in everyday situationsMultiple observers can be used to assess a person
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