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Chapter 7

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Carleton University
PSYC 2600
Chris Motz

Early approaches to personality typescriticisms of these approaches Galen thought that 4 types of bodily fluids influenced personality or character o Phlegmaticabundance of phlegm calm o Sanguineabundance of blood happy outgoing o Cholericabundance of yellow bile unstable aggressive o Melancholicabundance of black bile pessimistic unhappy Physiological characteristics functioning of organ systems within the body Physiological systemsnervous system brain and nerves the cardiac system heart arteries and veins and the musculoskeletal system muscles bones Introverts have overly sensitive nervous system Physiological theories based on simplicity or parsimony o Sensation seekers may have chemical deficiency o Criticism human nature is more complex than that Physiological theories must create a theoretical bridgespecific statements about which traits are connected to which psychological reaction under which conditions or in response to which stimuli Ways of measuring physiology what they can tell us and their limitations Electrodessensors placed on the surface of a participants skin o Noninvasive o Most common o Drawback is patient is wired to machinery o Telemetry process by which electrical signals are sent from the participant to the polygraph though radio waves instead of by wires ElectrodermalActivity
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