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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Summary brain and Behavior 3rd edition.docx

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Amanda Helleman

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Chapter 1 Origins of Brain and Behaviour Definitions Minimally Conscious State MCS condition in which a person can display some rudimentary behaviours such as smiling or utter a few words but is otherwise not conscious Traumatic Brain Injury TBI wound to the brain that results from a blow to the head Persistent Vegetative State PVS condition in which a person is alive but unable to communicate or to function independently at even the most basic level Deep Brain Stimulation DBS neurosurgery in which electrodes implanted in the brain stimulate a targeted area with a lowvoltage electrical current to facilitate behaviour Embodied Consciousness hypothesis that the movements that we make and those that we perceive in others are essential features of our conscious behaviourTemporal Lobe cortex that functions in connection with hearing language and musical abilities and lies below the lateral fissure beneath the temporal bone at the side of the skull Frontal Lobe cerebral cortex often generally characterized as performing the brains executive functions like decision making Parietal Lobe cerebral cortex that functions to direct movements towards a goal or to perform a task like grasping an object Occipital Lobe cerebral cortex where visual processing beginsGross Anatomy of the Nervous SystemCentral Nervous System the brain and spinal cord that together mediate behaviour Spinal Cord part of the CNS encased within the vertebrae that provides most of the connections between the brain and the rest of the body
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