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Chapter 2

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PSYC 2800
Amanda Helleman

Chapter 2 How Does the Nervous System FunctionAn Overview of Brain Function and Structure Principle 1 The nervous systemds function is to produce movement within a perceptual world created by the brains primary function is to prouce behaviour or movementy The braino Without stimulation from the objects around us EX their shapes sizeslocations the brain cannot orient and direct the body to produce an appropriate responsey The organs of the nervous system are designed to admit information then convert this into biological activity that produces perception or subjective experiences of reality o The brain produces what we believe is reality in order to make us move essential to carry out a complete tasky Sound is actually the movement of air molecules detected by the nervous system and the brain o The fabrication of sound is produced by a chain reaction that takes place when vibrating air molecules hit the eardrumo The sound changes from times we are expecting to those when we are notMental creation of reality is based on the sensory information received and the cognitive processesPlastics Patterns of Neural OrganizationsPrinciple 2 The details of nervoussystem functioning are constantly changing an attribute called neuroplasticityPlastic Neural tissue has the capacity to adapt to the world by changing how it functions are organized y Although we think of the brain as having fixed functions it is plastic o EX A person who is blind from birth has stronger auditory capacities because some of the usual visual regions have been coopted for hearingy The brain is also plastic in the sense that connections among neurons in a given function system are constantly changing in response to experiencey To learn anything knew the neural circuits must change to represent the new knowledge y The basis for change in the nervous system is the fundamental property of neuroplasticity o Physical or chemical change that enhances its adaptability to environmental change and its ability to compensate for injuryFunctional Organization of the Nervous SystemFigure 21 Parsing the Nervous System Pg 34 The nervous system can be conceptualizingy The brain and the spinal cord make up the CNS Central Nervous Systemall the nerve fibers radiation outside and out beyond the brain and the spinal cord form the PNS Peripheral Nervous System
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