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Chapter 4

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PSYC 2800
Amanda Helleman

Chapter 4How do Neurons Transmit InformationClinical Focus 41 Epilepsy There are three symptoms that are common to epilepsy The person often experiences an aura or warning of an impending seizure This could be a sensation such as an odor or sound or may simply be a feelingThe seizure may be accompanied by abnormal movements such as repeated chewing or shaking twitches that start in a limb and spread across the body and in some cases a total loss of muscle tone and postural support causing the person to collapseThe person may lose consciousness and later be unaware that the seizure ever happenedIf a person experiences repeated seizures which are not controllable by medication then there is a surgery that can be preformed Ren Descartes illustrated the first serious attempt to explain how information travels through the nervous system He proposed that the carrier of information is cerebrospinal fluid flowing through nerve tubes When the fire burns the mans toe Descartes reasoned it stretches the skin which tugs on a nerve tube leading to the brain In response to the tug a valve in a ventricle of the brain opens and CSF flows down the tube filling the leg muscles and causing them to contract and pull the toe back from the fire The flow of fluid through other tubes to other muscles of the body causes the head to turn toward the painful stimulus and the hands to rub the injured toeDescartess theory was inaccurate yet it is remarkable because he isolated the three basic questions that underlie a behavioral response 1 How do our nerves detect a sensory stimulus and inform the brain about it 2 How does the brain decide what response should be made 3 How does the brain command muscles to move to produce a behavioral responseSearching for Electrical Activity in the Nervous SystemEarly cues that Linked Electricity and Neuronal ActivityElectricalStimulation StudiesLuigi Galvani
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