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Chapter 1

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PSYC 3402
Ralph Serin

Chapter 1 SummaryCrime in CanadaEmphasis on research findings critical evaluationapplicationYou cant look at outliers ie Homolkanot good predictors of criminal behavior focus on regular offendersTV News has the largest influence in respect to Canadians perception of crime Academic contributions had NO influencePsychology is interested in intraindividual differences and interindividual differences o Intraindividualvariations in criminal conduct within an individual across time and situationsPatterns of individual behaviorthoughts feelings or attitudes o Interindividualvariations in criminal conduct between individualsImportance of socialization and the influence of community family and peer groupsForensic psychology refers to any application of psychology to the legal systemCorrectional Psychology Modelpreferred model of criminal psychologyCrime Desistancedecreased criminal activity agecrime curvePICRPersonal Interpersonal and CommunityReinforcement model AndrewsBonta o Psychological depiction of the interplay among factors influencing criminality o Criminal behavior reflects the immediate situation in that factors ie temptations facilitators inhibitors and stressors combine to influence a decision to engage in criminal behavior o Reflects a learning theory of crime that attends to social and cognitive factors as well as behaviorCriminal behavior refers to intentional behaviour that violates a criminal code intentional in that it did not occur accidentally or without justification or excuseDeterminants of crime o Distal historicgrew up with alcoholic criminal parentsHard to make changes target antisocial attitudes o Proximate immediate situationalie no money with pregnant girlfriendMetaanalytic reviews are useful because they are less biased in that they provide quantitative estimate of the importance of the results rather than a narrative interpretation by the author It is considered standard for reviewing the literature Also the statistical techniques allow differences between groups to be converted to a correlation permitting a common metric or measure for easily understanding the importance of independent variables p89Overview of MetaAnalytic Findings Regarding Correlates of Crime AndrewsBonta 2007 Central Eight Risk Factors Risk
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