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Chapter 7

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Carleton University
PSYC 3402
Julie Dempsey

PSYC 3402Criminal Behaviour Julie Dempsey CHAPTER 7 SUMMARYDefining AggressionViolenceHuman Aggression is defined as any behaviour directed towards another individual that is carried outwith the proximate immediate intent to cause harm the perpetrator of the aggressive act must also believe that the behaviour will harm the target and that the targeted is motivated to avoid the behaviour ex Getting punchedthe perpetrator intends and believes they will cause harm to the target and the target is motivated to avoid being struck to avoid physical harmViolence aggression that has extreme harm as its goal eg DeathRobbery is often considered a violent offence because it implies the threat of violence Victim CharacteristicsMen are more likely to experience nonsexual violenceWomen are more than twice as likely to experience sexual violenceRisk Factors Being younger 1524 being single going out at night living in citiesReason for age being a risk factor is because people aged 1524 frequently engage in riskier behaviour such as a night out on the town Types of ViolenceHostile Aggression An impulsive reaction to some real or perceived provocation or threatAlso referred to as affective impulsive reactive emotional or expressive aggressionEx Crimes of PassionInstrumental AggressionPremeditated and aimed at achieving a secondary gaolAlso known as predatory premeditated or proactive agressionEx Armed Robbery Murder for insurance money black widows Both types of aggression are characterized by the intention to harm at the proximate immediate level but differ in their goals on the ultimate level that is the reasoning behind the aggression differs ie loss of self control due to finding 1PageBrandon Pasion
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