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Chapter 16

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PSYC 3604
Connie Kristiansen

Chapter 16 and lectures just focus on what is common and least common but do not need stats thus just learn general trend for the disorder use diagnosis from lexture and use textbook notes to elaborate on the subjectNote All the disorders in the chapter need to last up to 6 months What are university students doing The first age of intercourse for males is under 17 while females its at 17 Most males are not virgin Frequency of intercourse for dating and non dating Thus women are most likely to do have sex ounce per week while males are most likely to have sex ouncetwo times per months Frequency of kissingpetting males most likely do soWhile males are most likely to masturbate alone Masturbation frequency most likely that males do it more often than females While males or most likely to have sexual fantasiesMales are most likely to idealize the frequency of sexual intercourse Males are most likely to fantasy about sexual intercourse while females are most likely to fantasize about homesexual fantasies Males are most likely to fantasizethat they are the opposite sex thus are most likely to fantasize dressing up as the opposite sex about being tied up about mate swapping and of having more than one partner at the timeWhile females are most likely to fantasize about using artificial means to stimulate themselvesThe Sexual Dysfunctions these are from the lecture notesIs Characterized by disturbances in a persons ability to respond sexually or to experience sexual pleasure thus have difficult time being satisfy during intercourse Its caused distress and interpersonal difficultypretty much seen in all sexual disorders thus sexual dysfunction causes psychophysiological changes that characterize the sexual response cycleSpecifiersused for all the sexual dysfunctionoLifelong manifest during puberty when sexual self is awakened oAcquiredwhen sexual dynsfunction arises after a period of normal functioning oGeneralized type when client experience disorders across many situationspartnersoSituational type its when you experience disorder is certain setting but not all settingsTypes of sexual dysfunction1Delayed Ejaculation Disorder known as previously Male Orgasmic DisorderoIts the inability to ejaculate thus hard to achieve to achieve organs with or without a pattern and this problem occurs most or all the time oIt must be present for 6 months in order to be diagnose with delayed ejaculation disorderoAnd it causes distress because they desire to and want to achieve organs want to ejaculate 2Erectile Disorder same as beforeAMale Erectile Disorder oFor some client they already have difficult timeobtaining and maintaining erection right from the start of sexual experiencesuch as flirting arousaloSome will actually experience full erection but lose it ounce penetration occursoSome will actually experience full erection that last up until penetration but once they start thrusting they will lose itoSome may only experience erection during self masturbation or when they first wake up oNormal to obtain or maintain erection as we agearound 40 and over the prevalence to have this order get higher as males ages oDiabetes and hyperextension being overweight and any kind of urine tract syndrome increase the likelihood of developing male erectile disorder
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