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PSYC 3604
Connie Kristiansen

CH 12 ABNORMAL PSYC PERSONALITY DISORDERSThe DSMIVTR classify personality disorders into 3 clusters and this can be found in axis II1Cluster A OddEccentric Personality Disorders People with these disorders have symptoms similar to those of people with schizophrenia including inappropriate or at affect odd thought and speech patterns and paranoia People with these disorders maintain their grasp on reality however 2 Cluster B DramaticErratic Personality Disorders People with these disorders tend to be manipulative volatile and uncaring in social relationships They are prone to impulsive sometimes violent behaviors that show little regard for their own safety or the safety or needs of others 3 Cluster C AnxiousFearful Personality Disorders People with these disorders are extremely concerned about being criticized or abandoned by others and thus have dysfunctional relationships with others The problems with the DSMIVTR categoriesRepresent extreme version of normal personality traits There is an overlap between the criteria of the personality disorders Information needed to diagnosis one with personality disorders are hard to obtain because they must observe the manifestations of the problems and infer which traits are responsible for these manifestations Longitudinal studies have found however that people diagnosed with these disorders vary over time in how many symptoms they exhibit and the severity of these symptoms so that they go in and out of the diagnosis over time Sometimes people might look like they are suffering from a personality disorder but instead they are suffering depression by example and this is found in axis I Gender and Ethnic Biases in Construction and ApplicationClinicians are most likely to associate certain personality disorders to ones gender A woman is most likely to be diagnosis with a borderline personality disorder because it is characterizes with this dependence on others While men are most likely to be diagnose with antisocial personality disorders because it is characterized by violenceAnother way that the DSMIVTR constructions of personality disorders may be biased is in not recognizing that the expressions of the symptoms of a disorder may naturally vary between groups ex women with antisocial behaviour might be cruel with her children while a male suffering might commit a crime against a person Similarly some theorists have argued that theDSMIVTR ignores or downplays possible masculine ways of expressing dependent histrionic and borderline personality disorders and this bias contributes to an underdiagnosis of these disorders in menCluster A Odd and Eccentric personality disorders 1Paranoid personality disorder mistruful misinterpret situationsStarts in AdulthoodCharacteristic Aloof Emotionally cold
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