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Textbook Notes for Psychology at Carleton University

CARLETONPSYC 2400Rebecca MugfordFall

PSYC 2400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Forensic Psychology, John Bowlby, Free Recall

OC13055613 Page
13 Dec 2015
1-1: judges currently use findings from psychological research to decide whether a witness on the stand is lying or not. This is a good example of: psy
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CARLETONPSYC 2400Adelle ForthWinter

PSYC 2400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Mental Health Law, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Shoplifting

OC48922218 Page
12 Apr 2017
The cornerstone of english-canadian law identifies two elements that must be present for criminal guilt to be established: a wrongful deed (actus reus,
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CARLETONPSYC 2801Bernadette CampbellWinter

PSYC 2801 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7-14: Job Satisfaction, Organizational Justice, Job Performance

Shenese8 Page
19 Jan 2018
Job attitude a relatively stable view or opinion of a specific person, group, Generalized overall feeling state realistically appraise alternative cour
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CARLETONPSYC 2400Kevin NunesWinter

PSYC 2400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2-14: Predictive Validity, Police Psychology, Mental Health Law

OC38325966 Page
17 Dec 2015
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CARLETONPSYC 3604Brenda BairdFall

PSYC 3604 Chapter 1-6, 8-16: AbnormalPsychologyReadings

OC144351681 Page
17 Jan 2017
Chapter 1- introduction: definition and historical considerations, and canada"s mental. Psychopathology: field concerned with the nature and developmen
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CARLETONPSYC 3402Ian BroomFall

PSYC 3402 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Reality Principle, Social Control Theory, Multisystemic Therapy

OC34454213 Page
25 Oct 2014
Many depictions of crime that may unduly influence public opinion with respect to such issues as likelihood of being a victim of a crime, the most prev
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CARLETONPSYC 2400Adelle ForthWinter

PSYC 2400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Day Parole, Conditional Sentence, Meta-Analysis

OC4892229 Page
12 Apr 2017
Chapter 9 readings sentencing and parole in canada. The canadian court system is one component of the larger canadian criminal justice system that incl
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CARLETONPSYC 2400Krista HayesFall

textbook definitions chapters 8-15

OC1452529 Page
2 Dec 2014
Chapter 8: the role of mental illness in court. Unfit to stand trial: refers to an inability to conduct a defence at any stage of the proceedings on ac
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CARLETONPSYC 3402Shelley BrownWinter

PSYC 3402 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Monoamine Oxidase A, Differential Association, Tryptophan

OC240030012 Page
12 Apr 2018
Monday, january 23, 2017: 115 provincial correctional facilities, 58 federal facilities. Crime severity index: measures police reported crime in canada
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CARLETONPSYC 3402Ralph SerinFall

PSYC 3402 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Longitudinal Study, Takers, Amygdala

OC356499 Page
29 Jan 2013
Psyc 3402 chapter 10 mentally disordered offenders. Dsm first published in 1952 in order to facilitate the diagnosis of mental disorders and collect st
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CARLETONPSYC 2600Lorena RuciSummer

PSYC 2600 Chapter 14-15: PSYC 2600 - Chapter 14 & 15

OC35620013 Page
7 Feb 2017
Social identity as you present yourself to others. Sometimes social identity does not match our self-concept. Selves we present to others are not the s
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CARLETONPSYC 2400Adelle ForthWinter

PSYC 2400 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Truancy, Family Therapy, Social Skills

OC48922214 Page
14 Apr 2017
Chapter 12 readings: assessment and treatment of young offenders. Adolescents older than age 12 and younger than age 18 (generally) who come into conta
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