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Chapter ares

RELI 2732 Chapter Notes - Chapter ares : Joseph Albo, Maimonides, Christian Eschatology

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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

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ARES Reading: Jewish Views of the Afterlife, Maurice Lamm
Concept of Immortality
- Afterlife as a artile of faith i the Jes’ reed
- Simon Ben Zemah: reduced the fundamentals to three, but resurrection was included
- Joseph Albo: revised the structure of dogmas, immortality remained a universally-binding
- Maimonedes: human beings cannot comprehend the world beyond theirs; details of the
afterlife are not a cardinal article of faith and mortals should not concern themselves with it
Resurrection: A Symbolic Idea
Physical revival of the dead as a symbol of basic Jewish ideas:
1. Ma does ot ahiee the ultiate redeptio  his o ature resurretio = a’s
reliance on God)
2. Resurrection is a corporate reward > private matter (communal concept)
3. Physical resurretio affirs the a’s soul ad od are reated  god
- Judais stresses the od as aluale ad god’s reatio ulike Christia/Greek
origins of body-soul duality)
- Coept of resurretio: presered god eer i a’s osiousess
Life After Death: A Corollary of Jewish Beliefs
God is just
- Jewish dilemma: God is righteous and just, but the world/life is unfair
- Justified by concept of spiritual reward & punishment
- The afterlife is when god balances the scales and rewards/punishes those who truly
deserve it
God is merciful
- Coept of resurretio affirs god’s er, o oe is righteous eough to eet the
standards of a just god
- Joseph Albo: in the prayer book, the concept of resurrection is associated with
great er god’s gift of life are osidered grae, kidess, ad er
- Life divided in portions: years of rise and growth (grace) // middle years or plateau
(kindness) // years of decline (mercy)
God as an ethical personality
- Concept of life-after-death from a belief in god as the God of goodness
- God oeroes hua ature’s shortoigs ad defets eause he is good
- Thus, this good god also keeps his faith in those who are dead
The Meaning of Death
- If life is a stage: death has no significant meaning, because life itself does not have lasting
- If life is the creation of a benevolent God, the infusion of the Divine breath: death is a return
to the Creator & life after death is the only way of a just, merciful and ethical god
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