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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

Reading 1Warner personality spiritual before birth unspiritual in early life grows more sacred with age and again purely spiritual after deathNonreligious Death has no religious significance can depict meaningless of lifeThen we die should be therefore we dieDeath is fate of man view in westTraditional cultures Death is an accident that took place in the beginning primordial times Death unknown to mythic ancestors and happened as a consequence of somethingMyth offers an explanation for why man is mortalSome myths portray death as a consequence of violating a divine commandment AdamEveOther myths relate mortality with cruel act of a demonic being Found in Austrilian tribes central Asiatic and north American Siberian y Mortality introduced by adversary of creator Archaic societies Death result of accident or stupid choice of by first ancestors y Story 2 messengers or message that failed common in Africa o God sent chameleon to ancestors with message they would be immortal and lizard with message they would die Chameleon took a break along the way so lizard got there first and death entered the worldo God cant change because once uttered words created reality y Melanesian tale First men cast their skins like snake and came out youthful again Woman did this and
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