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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

Reading 2 African ReligionsOnce life given death must followNupe Nigerian Myth God created stones tortoises and men All immortal Turtle asked God for ability to have children God said if I grant then you become mortal Men joined tortoise in plea Got ability to have kids but now mortal Stones not ask so unaffectedWhat happens to soul affects body what happens to body affects soul interaction Causes of death both physical and psychologicalPhysicalInjury old age disease childbirth witchcraft magic etc Psychological Curse by elder if not have best interests of community at heart dishonor ancestors break oath violate religious standardsExplanations help people come to terms with inexplicableMeaning of death Soul separates from body at death survival of soul not doubtedSoul has divine origin immortal because spiritual entityAkan of Ghana Human being possess an okra the part of Onyame GodOkra makes you living being departure signifies deathOkra returns to creator who is immortal So person immortal only die if creator dies which is impossible Part of man indestructible so man does not really die Continues to exist in land of spirits Idea death as return evident in funeral Body prepared as if going on journey thi
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