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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

th4 reading Religions of antiquity Osiris and Isis Life theology of EgyptEgyptians alone believe in resurrection preserve dead bodies constant feature of religionVisit tombs with feastings prayers food to tomb belief presence good spirit near tombPersian and Egyptian were oldest texts difficult to translateinterpret Cultural influenceInfluence of Egypt on GrecoRoman world Egypt dates from 4400 BC average life expectancy 3036 yearsMedical personnel monopolized by courtofficials Normal die young and ill Not resurrection as person seen as immortal funery ritual to prevent second death oblivionNo end time apocalypse in Egyptian view Feared chaos rituals to deny chaos and preserve continuity in time of death Reassemble life in death without threatening elementsBooks of dead Books of going out into the day spellsincantationsLive in other world field of rushes just as had on earth but no threats4 elements of person 1 Ka vital force ability to act and do 2 Ba Bind Ka and body 3 Xu Shininess consciousness of heart weighed at judgement 4 Body to which other things attachedOsiris Mortal king made God of the dead Dismembered by brother Set Judge of Xu nd Fail judgement then 2 death eaten by crocodile headed Ammit 42 judgesAfter death journey trials to pass judgement and become OsirisSpells provided guide pyramid to coffin to coming out in the day text Isis sister wife who saves and restores him Insisted respectful attitude towards dead Goddess of resurrectionfertility Deceased goal to participate in daily resurrection of Sun God and join immortal starsKa needs body to live in but can leave and return Ba and Xu too to identifiable bodyConcern for sexual appetite of males in otherworld Phallus worship paintings of concubines temple prostitution to provide sexual stimulation Semen carcinogenic Social system in otherworld mirrored this one Tombs extension of live Grave goods equipment animalsLike homes with all needed to liveMaat Goddess of truthdivine orderjustice look after creation Daughter of AmonRaRole transferred to Isis Gives feather for judgement absolute judgement Need to live pure life moral Funeral to join ba soul with body Cremation not done except for very evil When die get preburial public evaluation of reputation If not passed then dont get proper burial until restitution made by family or forever applies to Kings too Body laid on ground incision outlined incision made body embalmed all but heart and kidney removedPreserve identity character and physical Wooden coffin placed in outer coffin Carried to tomb Placed upright surrounded by tables with offeringsflowers Statue of deceased
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