RELI 2732 Chapter Notes -Nanny

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7 Apr 2012
Reading # 10: Resurrection & Judgement
- Resurrection of body, united with soul to face judgement. Righteous stand on Gods right
(blessed) and wicked on the left (damned), third group stand in front (even more blessed?).
- No escaping judgement; completely exposed and all secrets revealed.
- Held accountable for all your deeds in life
- Given book in right hand, go to paradise garden
- Left hand= chained in fiery hell
- Earth destroyed; moon and sun unite
Heaven and Hell:
- Righteous (believers, helper of poor) go to paradise
- Eternal youths attend people with food and drink, beautiful virgin women (houris) are wed to
faithful men.
- Not much detail on rewards of women
- Robes of silk, couches to recline on, not feel hot or cold, delicious fruit, shade from trees,
gushing springs, silver bracelets, nectar to drink, served on silver dishes, etc.
- “Woe” to unbelievers on day of judgement Hello,
I am a 22 year old Carleton university student looking for a position as a babysitter/live out
I am available occasionally or part time until April 23rd and then full time after that.
I am warm, kind and responsible and love children.
I have experience with children in my family, babysit occasionally, was a live out nanny for a
semester for a 1 year old and 6 year old, and was a respite care worker for a family of 5 children.
My rate is negotiable but generally 11$ an hour.
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